The Ugly Fruit & Veg Social Campaign Discourages Food Waste in America

 - Oct 16, 2015
Social good website targets food waste in America and recently promoted the Ugly Fruit & Veg social campaign that is marketed with the #WhatTheFork hashtag.

Calling out grocers and major retailers like Walmart and Target, this campaign reveals that 26% of fresh food is wasted in the United States before it even hits store shelves. The reason usually has to do with the shape of fruit and vegetables which are not deemed aesthetically appealing.

The Ugly Fruit & Veg campaign invites social media users on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest channels to post images of their very own ugly produce. Overall, this fun campaign engages an online audience while stressing that though ugly, their food is still edible and that it should not be discarded. This organization's attempt at ending food waste in America is humorous and appeals to millennials with an appreciation for eco-conscious marketing.