The 'BluApple' Works to Keep Produce Fresh for Far Longer

 - May 13, 2017
References: amazon & droold
The majority of consumers waste a fair bit of the food that they purchase, so the 'BluApple' is an accessory that works to keep produce fresh for far longer in order to do away with the experience of finding rotting items in the fridge.

The 'BluApple' works by being placed in your produce drawer and absorbing the ethylene gas that is emitted from fresh fruits and vegetables that can lead to foods ripening far quicker and thus leading to spoilage quite fast.

A single 'BluApple' is intended to be placed in the fridge with your fresh food items and work for up to three months before requiring the internal packet to be replaced. This will come as welcome news to those who want to keep produce fresh in their fridge to reduce waste and save money.