From Inverted Roof Designs to Air-Filtering Scarves

 - Feb 26, 2017
On the subject of sustainability, the top February 2017 eco design ideas show off a growing consumer products that help to reduce one's personal toxic load and carbon footprint with themes of purification and purity.

In terms of ingredient simplicity, conscious consumers are embracing five-ingredient toothpastes and six-piece fashion collections that can be mixed and matched to create dozens of unique outfits. Consumers are holding themselves accountable for making the world a better place with items such as individual pollution trackers and air filtration scarves.

Considering that many consumers are now also adopting plant-based diets for environmental and ethical reasons, "vegan" is becoming a word that more consumers are embracing. This is exemplified by shops that sell only vegan goods, as well as cleaning product collections and cruelty-free fashion campaigns that spotlight alternative man-made materials.