The Sumibako Woven Fabric Basket Has Charcoal in it to Purify the Air

 - Jan 20, 2017
References: japantrendshop & thegreenhead
The Sumibako woven fabric basket is a newly designed piece of decor that works to help effectively clean the air in a space and reduce humidity levels. The secret to the success of the Sumibako basket is the fact that it has charcoal in the base that naturally removes odors and moisture from the air.

The Sumibako woven fabric basket comes in three size variations and is a natural way to help purify the air in a space. The baskets can be used for a wide array of different uses including being used as a garbage bin, a storage container and much more. The simplistic black aesthetic of the baskets makes them easy to incorporate into a space without having to worry about keeping with the design scheme.