From No Spill Trays to Ergonomic-Focused Kitchen Utensils

 - Jan 11, 2015
Along with tech integration, health-conscious appliances and general convenience, the top 2014 kitchen trends also emphasize hyper-specification and novelty features.

Kitchens and kitchen appliances have become increasingly high-tech in recent years, ensuring greater functionality and performance. However, technology can also be implemented in terms of creating unique designs. Take the Apple iCup, for instance, designed by Tomislav Zvonarić to keep your coffee hot in Apple's signature aesthetic. The teacup is shaped like the iconic logo, and when plugged into your MacBook with a USB cable, keeps your beverage warm while you're momentarily preoccupied. Other kitchen accessories are designed to make the process of wining and dining simpler and more efficient, all while incorporating an idiosyncratic flair, include fish-faced egg separators or recycled skateboard bottle openers.

Lastly, kitchen trends in 2014 saw a rise in specialization, meaning tools that are geared towards one hyper-specific task, such as a tomato corer or an herb preparation bowl.

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