Wine Twirls Keep Your Champagne Chilly Right to the Last Sip

These Wine Twirls makes it easier for you to drink sparkling, white wine and champagne the way that you are supposed to consume it: slowly, pleasurably and thoughtfully. The stem of your wine glass may prevent your hot hands from increasing the temperature of your beverage, yet much of the coolness will disappear if you are truly taking your time with each sip.

This Teroforma solution is made from hi-tech thermal gel that's encased by food-safe resin. The FDA-approved and BPA-free implement contributes nothing but coldness to your gorgeous grape-derived drink, maintaining it at the ideal degree for nearly an hour. You keep Wine Twirls in your freezer or your refrigerator between uses and simply drop them into your stemware as required. Swish and swirl your wine with the assistance of the pebble-shaped product.