From Aerating Wine Coolers to Taste-Enhancing Decanters

 - Oct 22, 2015
These contemporary wine accessories range from modern wine glasses to tech-friendly champagne chillers. Whether you're a fan of red, sparkling or white wine, these items make the perfect gift for any oenophile.

Wine glasses are essential for any wine lover. Wooden base wine glasses and David Rasmussen's black walnut glasses add a rustic touch to any wine bar while the Glass Tank and Like Cool's devilish wine glasses portray an eccentric design style. For chilling wine to the perfect temp, the Icecap wine cooler not only chills wine but also aerates it while the Terracotta Wine Cooler Set is functional and stylish.

Contemporary wine accessories also include ultra modern bottle openers such as the automatic wine opener which eliminates muscle power and the SKIL iXO Vivo which doubles as a home improvement tool.