The SKIL iXO Vivo Doubles as a Tool for Home Improvements and Wine

 - Oct 19, 2014
References: amazon & thegreenhead
Struggling with a bottle of wine when friends are over (or you really need a glass to relax) is always a nightmare; that's where the SKIL iXO Vivo looks to come to the rescue by adding power to your uncorking abilities. The SKIL iXO Vivo will not only help you to drive the bit into a cork of a bottle of wine, but will also double as a power drill for little jobs around the house.

Featuring forward and reverse functions, a rechargeable battery pack and a powerful drive to get the job done, the SKIL iXO Vivo might seem like a bit too much power for such a simple job. With that said, the SKIL iXO Vivo also makes the job that much quicker for those who want (or need) a drink.