From Biting Bottle Openers to Magnetic Bottle Openers

 - Oct 21, 2015
These contemporary bottle openers are innovative tools with a modern aesthetic. Designed to be far more efficient and attractive than regular openers, these bottle-opening devices range from soda and beer poppers to wine openers.

The hilarious Suarez bottle opener is a delightful spoof of professional athlete Luis Suarez, while the multifaceted moustache opener can also provoke smiles while opening a bottle. Contemporary bottle openers also include a few tech-friendly openers such as Brookstone's automatic wine opener, which removes corks with little to no muscle power and the Corkcicle Decapitator, which removes bottle caps with the push of a button.

Finally, contemporary bottle openers also feature easy-to-use openers such as the one-handed Kebo device and the oversized Campagnolo wine opener.