A Hi-Tech Cork Remover Facilitates an Effortless Process of Serving Wine

 - Mar 30, 2015
References: brookstone & tuvie
For those people who are simply not naturals at pulling corks from wine bottles, this automatic bottle opener will relieve you of the task completely. Requiring little muscle, grip, dexterity and precision, this Brookstone-sold product would be a must-have for many oenophiles.

The rechargeable device can provide access to up to 60 vessels before it needs to be plugged in again, enabling you to just keep it in the kitchen drawer between uses. If you acquire a bottle of wine with foil wrapped around the top, one specialized compartment in the Automatic Wine Opener is a foil cutter, capable of instantly removing the sheath. Once this is done, place the neck into the second hole and the device will draw out cork and plastic bottle stoppers with electronic ease.