- Jun 30, 2015
These novel bottle openers are the perfect accessory for your next major party or get-together. Moving away from the traditional utilitarian construction, these bottle openers combine clever designs with durable functionality.

While bottle openers generally serve a single purpose, many of these gadgets are quipped with a number of other handy tools. With built-in corkscrews and durable top poppers, many of these novel bottle openers are equipped to accommodate both beer and wine enthusiasts. Beyond drinking accessories, several of these bottle openers have multi-functional capabilities that make them great for cycling, camping and other outdoor activities.

While some bottle openers are designed for maximum utility, others are just for fun. Because they are often small and inexpensive, bottle openers make excellent novelty gifts. Some of these fun designs include cheeky garden gnomes, vintage revolvers, predatory animals and even false teeth.

From Samurai Beverage Poppers to Prescription Bottle Booze Openers: