These Mexican Wrestlers Remove Even the Stubbornest Bottle Caps

 - Jun 17, 2013
References: amazon & designyoutrust
The Luchador Bottle Opener from Kikkerland is exactly what it sounds like: a bottle opener in the shape of a Mexican wrestler.

These comical bottle openers are available in a wide variety of colors and positions. The red luchador opens bottles by holding them in a headlock, while the black luchador prefers a chokehold. This gives novelty drink accessory lovers a collection of options, ensuring that they can own a luchador that fits their needs and interests.

The Luchador Bottle Opener is made entirely of stainless steel with a rubber coating. This way, they're easy on beer drinkers' hands while still remaining strong and difficult to bend, even against the stubbornest bottle caps.

This hilarious and fun bottle opener is the perfect talking point at any house party. With its bright colors and fun shape, it's sure to both cause laughter and serve a ton of drinks.