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Trend Reports
Discover why 1,186 brands rely on our AI-powered Trend Reports to get better, faster insights.
Join 330,681 subscribers who rely on our weekly newsletter to keep up with need-to-know trends and insights.
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Learn more about how to hunt megatrends, ideas, patterns and opportunity.
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Humor Trends

Commonly used as a source of expression in modern day society, humor and satire is being used by both brands and consumers to showcase status and pop culture awareness. Showcasing trends in pop culture satire, online humor and modern parodies, this category highlights a much more lighthearted approach to consumer-brand interaction.
Splattered Ice Cream Bags
Splattered Ice Cream Bags
Doublet's Ice Cream Bag is Visually Striking and Packable
The ice cream bag has become a staple for kitschy fashion aesthetics but experimental streetwear brand Doublet takes it one step further with this cheeky design. Doublet’s ice cream bag... MORE
play_circle_filled Sticky Skincare Ads
Sticky Skincare Ads
e.l.f. Cosmetics' Super Bowl Ad Stars Jennifer Coolidge & "Baby Dolphin Skin"
For its first-ever Big Game commercial, Gen Z makeup brand e.l.f. Cosmetics enlisted Jennifer Coolidge and writer Mike White (both known for the hit series White Lotus) for a Super Bowl ad spot... MORE
Boxed Wine Lawn Ornaments
Boxed Wine Lawn Ornaments
Franzia's Lawn Inflatable-Cab Lets You Show Off Your Love of Boxed Wine
If you’re looking for some unique Christmas decor this holiday season, Franzia has you covered with its new outdoor lawn ornament dubbed the ‘Lawn Inflatable-Cab.’ Franzia is a... MORE
Angry Customer Action Figures
Angry Customer Action Figures
Namespace Turned a Modern Cultural Phenomenon into a Collectible
Namespace is injecting a sense of fun into the collectible landscape with a Kickstarter campaign that introduces “.75-inch action figures are based on the modern cultural phenomenon of the... MORE
Vegan Milk Initiatives
Vegan Milk Initiatives
Starbucks Announced 'CauliMilk' as a Humorous Campaign with a Real Message
Starbucks announced ‘CauliMilk’ on April Fool’s Day as a plant-based milk option for its stores that does not cost an additional surcharge. Also on April Fool’s Day,... MORE
Food-Shaped Fidget Toys
Food-Shaped Fidget Toys
The ‘Stress Pickle’ Puts a Twist on the Classic Stress Ball
The ‘Stress Pickle’ is a quirky fidget toy that is perfect for anyone who enjoys funny novelty gifts and has a love of pickles. Fidget toys are great for relieving stress and keeping... MORE
Pop Culture Novelty Items
Pop Culture Novelty Items
The ‘Parks and Recreation: Talking Waffle Button’ Recites Iconic Lines
The ‘Parks and Recreation: Talking Waffle Button’ recites iconic lines and phrases that have been said throughout the beloved series. The waffle takes inspiration from Leslie Knope’... MORE
Unconventional Valentine Cards
Unconventional Valentine Cards
The ‘Happy Disingenuous Romance Day Valentine Card’ is Amusing
Those who have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day can send their loved ones the ‘Happy Disingenuous Romance Day Valentine Card’ to show how much they mean to them. The purpose of... MORE
Intimate Campaign
Brands recruit influencers and creators to share authentic stories
Trend - As brands pivot to more authentic representations of their customers, they're recruiting influencers and creators for campaigns that feel more intimate. Showcasing creators' personal stories through these campaigns creates deeper connections with customers--Gen Z in-particular.

Insight - Gen Z and Millennials being social media savvy has made them more critical of brands and creators that don't make "authentic" choices. These demographics are likely to be wary of influencers who "cash grab," and are critical of collaborations that don't align with creators' brands. Many see influencers as representative of their own personalities and interests, so they're more likely to trust creators who are vulnerable and make intimate connections with their followers.
Workshop Question - In what areas could your brand create more intimate connections with its customers?
Laughing Contract Sweeepstakes
Laughing Contract Sweeepstakes
The Laughin Cow is Offering $20,000 and a Year's Worth of Cheese
The Laughing Cow, known for its spreadable and creamy cheese wedges, is putting a spotlight on humor by offering a unique opportunity. Aspiring comedians and funny individuals now have a chance to... MORE
Shark-Inspired Streetwear Apparel
Shark-Inspired Streetwear Apparel
Doublet Launches a Cheeky Fashion Collection in 2023
Japanese label Doublet turns heads in 2023 with a cheeky fashion capsule for the Fall/Winter season. The brand is well-known for its unconventional designs and this year, it delivers a playful shark-... MORE
Film-Inspired Cookbooks
Film-Inspired Cookbooks
The A24 Cookbook 'Scrounging' Boasts Unglamorously Photographed Meals
The A24 cookbook is sure to pique the attention of film enthusiasts. Titled ‘Scrounging,’ the publication offers a candid and unfiltered exploration of meals featured in some cult-... MORE
play_circle_filled Celebrity-Approved Wines
Celebrity-Approved Wines
Actor Courtney Cox Partners with Winemakers Close Du Bois in Commercial
Celebrity actress, director, and producer Courtney Cox best known for her role in ‘Friends’ and the ‘Scream’ series has partnered with winemakers Close Du Bois. Close Du Bois... MORE
Fruit-Inspired Sneakers
Fruit-Inspired Sneakers
Nike Showcased the 'Banana' Colorway for its Dunk Low Silhouette
Nike has showcased a new iteration of its iconic ‘Dunk Low’ silhouette, this time the shoe comes adorned in a ‘Banana colorway.’ In staying true to the fruit that inspired it,... MORE
Cartoonish Video Calling Features
Cartoonish Video Calling Features
Zoom's Avatars Feature Lets Users Become a Cartoon Animal
Zoom has debuted the ‘Zoom Avatars’ feature that allows users to transform their appearance into a cartoon animal. With Avatars, Zoom is providing easy ways for meeting attendees to... MORE
play_circle_filled Food-Branded Film Promotions
Food-Branded Film Promotions
Kraft Mac & Cheese Teamed Up with Ryan Reynolds to Promote a New Film
Kraft Mac & Cheese and Ryan Reynolds teamed up to create a new video ahead of the release of Netflix’s The Adam Project film. The video commercial features some of the movie’s cast... MORE
Ironic Lawsuit NFTs
Ironic Lawsuit NFTs
John Geiger Enters the Metaverse with a Nike Lawsuit NFT
John Geiger is transforming a negative into a positive with its new Lawsuit NFT. The brand is currently being sued by Nike and has taken the situation to new heights with the release of a rare NFT,... MORE
play_circle_filled Dumb Math Question Beer Giveaways
Dumb Math Question Beer Giveaways
Miller64 Asks the World’s Dumbest Math Question in New Campaign
Miller64 is giving away FREE BEER just in time for Sunday’s big game. All fans have to do is answer one simple question – which is smaller 80 or 64? The new campaign mocks a competitor who... MORE
Cheese-Branded Gold Installations
Cheese-Branded Gold Installations
Velveeta Installed a Gold Eight Foot Box Of Velveeta In NYC
Velveeta installed an eight-foot-long golden box of Velveeta in the middle of Central Park. The brand was inspired by Niclas Castello, a German artist who designed ICYMI, a cube made from 186... MORE
play_circle_filled Mythical Skateboarding Games
Mythical Skateboarding Games
OlliOlli World Mixes Magical Powers with Skateboarding
Video Game developer ‘Roll7’ has announced ‘OlliOlli World,’ a mythical two-dimensional skateboarding game with a cartoony art style. In OlliOlli World, players assume... MORE
play_circle_filled Pizza-Themed Music Videos
Pizza-Themed Music Videos
Aspiring Hip-Hop Artist Lucha Little Dropped the 'I Want Pizza' Song
Lucha Little, an aspiring hip-hop artist, dropped a new music video that celebrates pizza ahead of National Pizza Week. The upbeat video for Lucha Little’s new track, called “I Want Pizza,... MORE
play_circle_filled Medical-Inspired Plant Tools
Medical-Inspired Plant Tools
The ‘Mini Plant Life Support’ is a Self-Watering Tool
Bubblegum Stuff’s ‘Mini Plant Life Support’ is an amusing way for consumers to keep their plants hydrated. As mentioned in the description, “the “Mini Plant Life... MORE
play_circle_filled Car-Suited Karaoke Accessories
Car-Suited Karaoke Accessories
Tesla Has Released Its Chinese New Year Update and the 'TeslaMic'
Tesla has released a Chinese New Year-focused software update for its Tesla vehicles, and an accompanying accessory named the ‘TeslaMic.’ The update builds upon a previous built-in... MORE
Fictional Brand Collaboration Websites
Fictional Brand Collaboration Websites by Noah Brier & OpenAI Imagines Brand Collabs is a new website, launched by branding expert and “general internet tinkerer” Noah Brier with the tools offered by artificial intelligence company OpenAI. is a unique... MORE
Viral Slogan-Inspired Campaigns
Viral Slogan-Inspired Campaigns
Manscaped is Going Viral with Its 'Big Groomed Energy' Campaign
San Diego-based Male grooming company Manscaped is hoping to go viral with its ‘big groomed energy’ campaign. With COVID restrictions lessening and people getting back to their everyday... MORE