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Commonly used as a source of expression in modern day society, humor and satire is being used by both brands and consumers to showcase status and pop culture awareness. Showcasing trends in pop culture satire, online humor and modern parodies, this category highlights a much more lighthearted approach to consumer-brand interaction.
Bathroom Humor Games
Bathroom Humor Games
The ‘Pass the Ass Game’ is a Game of Chance and Quick Thinking
The ‘Pass The Ass Game’ is a multi-player board game that plays with chance and involves quick thinking. Farts have always been funny and entertaining, just like this fast pace game that the... MORE
Competitive Conversation Card Games
Competitive Conversation Card Games
The Debatable Party Game Will Get Everyone Talking
For those looking for a party game to mix things up at the next game night, why not try out the ‘Debatable party game.’ Debatable is a game that will get everyone talking about various... MORE
Relaxing Toronto-Based Candles
Relaxing Toronto-Based Candles
Real Talk Candles Keep Its Scents ‘Close to Home’
Real Talk Candles offer a variety of relaxing candles with relatable titles. The story behind the founder’s candle-making hobby is also relatable to many. Being overwhelmed with work and suffering... MORE
play_circle_filled Fitness Influencer Parodies
Fitness Influencer Parodies
Planet Fitness' Fictional "Fitfluencer" Parodies Phony Influencers
Xrystal (pronounced “Crystal”) is the name of the vlogger and “fitfluencer” created by Planet Fitness that parodies popular influencers who provide poor health advice. To... MORE
Humorous Natural Deodorant Campaigns
Humorous Natural Deodorant Campaigns
Native Runs Ad Poking Fun at the Pumpkin Spice Latte Lovers
Personal care company Native has released a full-page ad in the New York Times announcing the end of its Pumpkin Spice Latte product line. Far from a straightforward announcement, the ad uses the... MORE
Interactive Meme Museums
Interactive Meme Museums
9GAG & K11 Art Mall Opened the World's First Meme Museum
K11 Art Mall and 9GAG teamed up to open the world’s very first meme museum and it offers a look at more than 100 viral memes within a dynamic space lit by colorful LEDs. Inside the space,... MORE
play_circle_filled Equal Hotdog Bun Packs
Equal Hotdog Bun Packs
The Heinz Hot Dog Pact Demands Equal Bun and Hotdog Ratios
In honor of National Hot Dog Month, Heinz is addressing an issue that has plagued the public for decades with its new Heinz Hot Dog Pact. The new petition seeks to rectify why hot dog wieners have... MORE
Soccer-Themed Charitable Beer Mats
Soccer-Themed Charitable Beer Mats
Proceeds From the Weird Euros Beer Mats are Donated to Charity
The collaborative efforts of 20 graphic designers led to the creation of the Weird Euros. The team reinterpreted moments from the UEFA European Championship football history and illustrated them on... MORE
Skincare brands tout that their products are free of silicones
Trend - Silicones are now being avoided by some skincare brands that are following in the footsteps of what's popular in hair care. Now, brands are touting that their serums, moisturizers and suncreens are free of this film-forming ingredient.
Workshop Question - How is your brand catering to the demand for "clean" products?
Entertaining Adult Card Games
Entertaining Adult Card Games
The ‘F*ck, Marry, Kill? Adult Card Game’ Has Some Hard Decisions
Consumers may remember the nostalgic game of Kiss, Marry, Kill from when they were younger and Gift Republic has released an updated version of the game called ‘F*ck, Marry, Kill? Adult Card... MORE
play_circle_filled Horse-Supporting NFTs
Horse-Supporting NFTs
VisitLex Has Launched a Collection of Horse NFTs in a New Humorous Campaign
Lexington, Kentucky, one of the leaders in world-class thoroughbred horses, has launched a charitable initiative involving a collection of horse NFTs. The ‘Non Fungible Thoroughbreds’... MORE
Food-Shaped Fidget Toys
Food-Shaped Fidget Toys
The ‘Stress Pickle’ Puts a Twist on the Classic Stress Ball
The ‘Stress Pickle’ is a quirky fidget toy that is perfect for anyone who enjoys funny novelty gifts and has a love of pickles. Fidget toys are great for relieving stress and keeping... MORE
Pop Culture Novelty Items
Pop Culture Novelty Items
The ‘Parks and Recreation: Talking Waffle Button’ Recites Iconic Lines
The ‘Parks and Recreation: Talking Waffle Button’ recites iconic lines and phrases that have been said throughout the beloved series. The waffle takes inspiration from Leslie Knope’... MORE
Unconventional Valentine Cards
Unconventional Valentine Cards
The ‘Happy Disingenuous Romance Day Valentine Card’ is Amusing
Those who have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day can send their loved ones the ‘Happy Disingenuous Romance Day Valentine Card’ to show how much they mean to them. The purpose of... MORE
Desktop Miniature Sports Games
Desktop Miniature Sports Games
The ‘Desktop Beach Volleyball’ Kit Provides Fun and Entertainment
Those looking for an engaging distraction and an entertaining desk piece may be drawn to the Running Press’ ‘Desk Beach Volleyball’ kit. The description calls it “the perfect... MORE
Iconic TV Show Collectables
Iconic TV Show Collectables
‘The Golden Girls Talking Button’ Recites Phrases from the Show
‘The Golden Girls Talking Button’ is the perfect gift for your pals and confidants who love the iconic television show. The show follows four women with interesting personalities as they... MORE
Comical Hygienic Products
Comical Hygienic Products
The ‘Soap for a Midlife Crisis’ is Handmade and One-of-a-Kind
Whiskey River Soap Co. is known for its humorous products and has released a ‘Soap for a Midlife Crisis.’ The description of the soap is as comical as the product itself, mentioning that the... MORE
Humorous Profanity Candles
Humorous Profanity Candles
Relax and Unwind with the Cocktail-Scented ‘Fuck This Candle’
Whiskey River Soap Co.’s ‘Fuck This Candle’ creates the perfect environment to relax in after a long and hard day. According to the description, each candle is said to “Smells Like I’m... MORE
Coal-Shaped Candies
Coal-Shaped Candies
The IT'SUGAR Merry Frick'n Christmas Box is a Funny Stocking Stuffer
When the holidays come around, it is easy to find gifts for those who have been good all year, but those who have been naughty should get ‘IT’SUGAR Merry Frick’n Christmas Box .&#... MORE
Cat-Inspired Literature Bags
Cat-Inspired Literature Bags
Classic Literature Cat Tote Bags are Accented with Punny Designs
Feline fans and classic literature lovers will be excited to know that ‘Uncommon Goods’ has released the ‘Classic Literature Cat Tote’ bags. The bags are inspired by classics like F.... MORE
play_circle_filled Branded Ketchup Packet Rollers
Branded Ketchup Packet Rollers
Heinz Debuts a New Ketchup Innovation–the New Packet Roller
HEINZ is helping fans get the most out of their ketchup packets with the launch of the new Heinz Packet Rollers. Whether you’re getting takeout, delivery, or going to the drive-thru, the new... MORE
play_circle_filled Crime-Themed Candy Campaigns
Crime-Themed Candy Campaigns
Butterfinger Investigators Reward Repenting Thieves with $25,000
The iconic confectionary brand, Butterfinger, is reintroducing its Butterfinger Investigators (BFI) for the second year in a row and asking fans to admit their guilt for stealing the irresistible... MORE
play_circle_filled Cheeky Dining Training Ads
Cheeky Dining Training Ads
The Boston Pizza Patio Re-Training Video Teaches Patio Etiquette
In light of Ontario patios re-opening from one of the longest lockdowns, Boston Pizza is helping customers remember how to dine in public with the launch of the ‘Patio Re-Training Video.’... MORE
Digital Pet Fashion Lines
Digital Pet Fashion Lines
'Pepa Paris' is a Contactless Fashion Label for Pets in the Metaverse
The cyber fashion company ‘Tribute Brand’ has debuted ‘Pepa Paris,’ a set of exclusive NFTs that allow owners to dress up their pets. There will be six different NFTs, each... MORE
Storytelling Party Games
Storytelling Party Games
DSS Games’ Best Story Wins is Sure to Make Any Party Unforgettable
Sharing stories is always an excellent way to pass the time and with the ‘Best Story Wins’ game, storytelling is turned into a competitive game. DSS Games’ Best Story Wins is a game... MORE