The Quickey Multi-Tool is a Versatile Update

 - Apr 15, 2014
References: indiegogo & indiegogo
Chris Hawker and his team from Trident Design have developed a simple, compact yet effective gadget: The Quickey Multi-Tool. This neat little contraption resembles a key, but has carefully designed features that allow it to virtually open everything but an actual door.

It has been tested, refined and repeated, weighs 20 grams and is made with solid 304 Stainless steel that is die-casted, rust-proofed and polished. This means the Quickey lasts for a lifetime. It almost seems like an obvious tool to have with its multi-functional everyday usefulness. Nifty, touch-safe and compact, you can add it to your keychains like an actual key and never have to scramble around for those awkward bulky multi-tools. It can be used as a bottle opener, pill splitter, tag popper, clamshell buster (super-convenient when you don't have scissors handy), letter opener and much more.

Folks back at Trident say they're always finding new awesome uses for this multi-tool!