From Magnetic Key Racks to Honeycomb Key Holders

 - Jun 21, 2015
It's amazing how often people find themselves searching for their, keys but using these creative key holders will hopefully eliminate this habit. Through the use of playful, unique or exciting key holders and key racks, we can train our brains to use these holders on a regular basis. This will free up so much time spent searching and trying to retrace previous steps.

Sometimes these creative key racks can be multi-functioning pieces of furniture. For example 'Rackless' by 'Well Made' is a shelf and magnetic key holder. It is built to hold keys on the bottom and hold cellphones, wallets and books on top. The best part of this holder is that the powerful magnet won't ruin technological devices.

Other items are simply fun pieces of decor like the honeycomb wall unit used to store keys. No matter which holder you prefer, these multiple designs can save you time!