The Wakka Key Holder Keeps a Tight Hold of Those Easy-to-Lose Items

 - Mar 13, 2014
References: mikiyakobayashi
There are all sorts of solutions out there to the problem of misplaced keys, and the Wakka Key Holder is one one of the most attractive ones that I have seen. I mean this for more than just its aesthetic features, for each little wall-mounted doodad has a magnet embedded within it.

The tiny timber knobs look ineffective as hooks at first because they take smooth dome shapes. Without visible catches, Mikiya Kobayashi's creations are only soft protrusions that do not appear as eyesores on the wall. As expected, you need a special keychain to fasten to the Wakka Key Holder, comprising a generous hoop of a bold color that snaps to the wooden base with a light touch.