- Nov 24, 2015
These gifts for beer lovers are perfect for those who prefer a dark stout to a glass of Chardonnay. While it is easy to get someone a six-pack of their favorite brew, why not take things to the next level with a beer-centric gift that can be enjoyed all year round.

For those who take beer seriously, there are a number of gifts that allow consumers to experience the brewing process at home. For example, there are pint-sized beer-making kits that allows consumers to experiment with different brewing techniques. There are also at-home beer taps that help anyone turn their kitchen into the ultimate bar.

Of course, many beer lovers are more interested in drinking their favorite pint than trying to brew it themselves. For the casual beer drinker on your list, why not opt for a handy drinking accessory such as a bathroom brew holder, a solid brass bottle opener or even a self-cooling can cover. These clever gadgets can be used year round to enhance any drinking experience.

From Bathroom Brew Holders to Bottle-Popping Footwear: