Asahi's Beerbot Ensures Speed & Zero-Wastage

 - Nov 12, 2013
References: gizmag & psfk
Japan's top exporting and leading brewery based in Tokyo has created a robot for the sole purpose of pouring beer. It doesn't stop there, the robot can pour six perfectly balanced beer to foam ratio at a time -- it takes only 12 seconds per glass without making a mess.

Beer wastage hugely affects profitability of any bar. According to Gizmag, wastage "has been the focus of considerable effort over the last decade as special taps, lines, and temperature and gas regulators have pushed wastage in many high volume outlets below 5 percent."

The robotic bartender is able to replace the human bartender, guaranteeing a better pour, more efficient, faster and zero-wastage, decreasing the margin of error of wastage close to zero.