Aomori Garlic Black Beer Lets You Drink Your Gyoza

 - Nov 5, 2013
References: foodbeast & technabob
Garlic and beer have finally combined in the form of Aomori Garlic Black Beer. This Japanese beer is from the Aomomi Prefecture, an area known for its garlic production. The beer isn't made using normal garlic. No, it is made using black garlic, which is a garlic paste that is aged and fermented. The result is a beer with an unmistakably garlic taste.

Reports are that the Aomori Garlic Black Beer initially doesn't taste all that much like garlic upon first sip, with the garlic flavor coming in the form of an intense aftertaste. Folks nowadays are more than willing to try and buy atypical food and drink (here's looking at you, bacon-flavored everything.) So far, it looks as if this garlic beer is only available in Japan, so don't expect your local bartender to have it on tap anytime soon.