These Playful Robot Toys for Kids Develop Unique Personalities Over Time

 - Nov 6, 2014
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While there are tons of robot toys for kids available on the market, these 'Little Robot Friends' have a rawness that makes them absolutely charming. The designs by Aesthetec Studio come with personalities that are totally unique and the more you interact with them, the more their personalities change and develop over time.

For starters, Aesthetec Studio created Spikey, Ghosty and Curvy, three bots that run on AAA batteries. The bots have touch-sensitive hair, LED eyes that light up and display different colors, a speaker mouth, microphone and even ambient light sensors, so there are a bunch of ways to interact with them. For example, a timid bot will naturally be afraid of the dark, but by stroking its hair and giving it reassurance, the bot learns to be brave.

The Little Robot Friends are Arduino-compatible, meaning that they can be reprogrammed by those who are savvy enough.