The BrewNanny Lets You Spend Less Time Brewing & More Time Drinking

 - Apr 2, 2014
References: brewnanny & gizmag
The BrewNanny is a device holds your hand through the process of home-brewing beer. Brewing a good batch of beer is no easy task and takes an enormous amount of time and know-how. The BrewNanny makes the process easier by monitoring the brewing process and offering instructions and guidance.

The BrewNanny sits in the space usually occupied by the fermentation lock in a typical brewing kit. It has a built-in micro-controller and sensor that monitor carbon dioxide pressure and determine the alcohol percentage, fermentation rate and sugar levels. Using this data, it calculates how and when the home-brewing process needs to be completed.

The BrewNanny also has sensors that monitor air temperature, brew temperature and light level. All this data is transmitted over WiFi to the BrewNanny dashboard, which can be accessed on a web browser or on an iPhone and Android app.