From DIY Tea Kits to Travel Cocktail Kits

 - Jun 13, 2015
From making to transporting beverages, drink kits are proving to be a popular way for consumers to take what they consume into their own hands.

Craving customization, kits for drinking at home and during travel are emerging to offer products like cocktail-flavoring bitters, region-specific ingredients and specialty devices. Beyond conventional beverages, drink kits are being created for more exotic drink recipes like kombucha, rice wine and molecular gastronomy. Additionally, the ever-popular subscription service model continues to allow creative consumers to take on the role of a mixologist or barista at home once a month.

Now that the integrity of ingredients and processing is a major selling feature for health-conscious consumers, people are looking for kits to kick-start the process of preparing beverages like beer, soda, tea and coffee from scratch.