This Package From VL92 Provides You With Gin and Tonic Ingredients

 - Oct 2, 2014
References: vl92 & coolhunting
If you have a craving for a famous highball cocktail but are in the midst of a time-sensitive situation, Netherlands-based VL92 offers a kit comprised of gin and tonic ingredients.

Featuring packaging from Rare Fruits Council, the Gin and Tonic Emergency Kit has the recipe printed right there on the bag to make sure even those in a hurry can't fail to whip up this classic concoction. The gin and tonic ingredients include Fentimens tonic (whom VL92 have a partnership with) and VL92 gin, which has a malt wine foundation. If you choose to purchase the gin on its own (which is an option in the Netherlands), they also suggest tonic water from Fever Tree, Henry Thomas, 1724 and Q tonic.