Firebox's Make Your Own Cola Kit is Made with All-Natural Ingredients

 - Dec 16, 2014
References: firebox
Firebox has created the Make Your Own Cola Kit, which will appeal to people for a number of reasons. Although it clearly targets 'do-it-yourselfers' who love being crafty in the kitchen, the focus on all-natural ingredients speaks to a larger demographic. By making the palatable pop themselves, people will have complete control over what goes in it, theoretically making it a healthier choice.

Sugary drinks is often one of the first things to go when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle, indulging once in a while with something as controlled as the Make Your Own Cola Kit will make life sweeter in all the right ways. Equipping people with everything they need to make nine litres of soda, it's inspired by John Pemberton's original elixir.