From Puzzle-Inspired Mini Coolers to Unconventional Pop Cans

 - Dec 23, 2015
Soda lovers will fall in love with these pop-inspired gift ideas. Ranging from unique soda flavors like lemon and mint and even beet, this wishlist's covetable beverages feature both indulgent and healthy options. In addition to sugary beverages that feature mystery flavors, other notable examples include naturally sweetened soda alternatives.

When it comes to soda-inspired merchandise, winning picks include glassware accessories that mimic a traditional aluminum can and drink dispensers that let users create carbonated beverages at home. In addition to Sodastream's customizable beverage machines, the Keurig KOLD is another DIY soda maker that offers a variety of sparkling drink options.

Other gift ideas for soda lovers include pop-themed sneakers and collectible cans that commemorate an iconic global event or designer collaboration.