Pepsi Limon Caters to Hispanic Soda Consumers

 - Jul 22, 2015
Pepsi Limon is a new PepsiCo cola offering infused with real lime juice. As the product's name may suggest, this beverage is being targeted towards the Hispanic population. In fact, it is only available in markets boasting a significant Hispanic population, such as California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Chicago.

PepsiCo decided to come up with Pepsi Limon after identifying the need for a Hispanic-targeting beverage along with Adelante, the company's Hispanic and Latino employee resource group.

Hispanic people are apparently known to be major consumers of carbonated soft drinks, which makes them a lucrative demographic for drink manufacturers like Pepsi to target. It is hoped that Pepsi Limon will help drive sales for Pepsi products at a time when it faces plenty of competition from other kinds of beverages.