From Crowdsourced Potato Chip Cookbooks to Easter Flavor Previews

 - Apr 6, 2016
From communal potato chip cookbook Pinterest boards to Twitter-generated personalized recipes, modern recipe sharing campaigns encourage the cultivation of organic communities around food and beverage brands. Given that word of mouth is still a key way for brands to achieve growth, social recipe campaigns provide a digital twist that helps embed the experience of the product into the personal brand of the user posting it.

One winning example is the McCain #MODIFRY campaign, which was supported by a YouTube campaign starring some of the platform's foremost voices. The interactive campaign encouraged brand fans to send in their tips for preparing McCain's frozen fries with a variety of fresh produce ingredients and succeeded in cultivating a natural community of peers in the process.

An important tool for brands to connect their fans, such recipe sharing campaigns are likely to only become a larger part of the branded content experience.