This Parody Video by CBC Shows a Chef's Relatable Cooking Technique

 - May 30, 2016
References: youtube & sploid.gizmodo
This video posted by the CBC follows chef Trev Daley of Classy's Bar and Grill as he sarcastically explains his artful cooking technique and offers advice on where to find the very best ingredients.

It beings with him saying, "To me food doesn't have to be interesting, it just has to be, reliable, cheap. If you're not getting a dish out in eight minutes for under $14, you're not doing a good job as a cook." The video continues with Trev Daley showing how he prepares his best dishes, which are shown prepared on plates with classical music playing all the while -- making it a perfect spoof.

His creations include nachos made with liquid cheese from a jar, frozen chicken fingers with fries and BBQ wings with celery and carrot sticks -- which are later shown with hair being picked off of them. While the video is satirical, the cooking technique described by Trev Daley is comically relatable to a demographic of people who value efficiency over exquisite tastes and originality.