- Jan 28, 2017
As is noted in our FREE 2017 Trend Report, experiences are a hot commodity among millennials and younger people -- but the 2016 life trends show that people of all ages and demographics are increasingly interested in spending on experiences rather than products. Even the products within the 2016 life trends seem to be geared toward engendering activity rather than stasus.

Some experiences are entirely devoted to the moment, leaving attendees with the feelings and memories alone. People might walk away from 'Pizza Camp,' a sleepover camp for adults devoted to teaching the art of pizza-making, with new knowledge, but they get little more than that.

Other experiences, while certainly emphasizing their self-evident enjoyment, also offer souvenirs. Orlando's 'East End Market' is a charming artisan market where consumers can get quality groceries for the week.

From Santa Claus Conventions to Pizza-Themed Sleepaway Camps: