Zaarly is a Marketplace for Hiring Carpenters, Handymen and More

 - Jan 26, 2016
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Zaarly is an innovative new platform that allows individuals to host their own "micro" stores and sell their services to other peers. Above all else, Zaarly creates a means for interested individuals to earn a living by effectively democratizing access to the work force, a particularly noble pursuit in a time marked by soaring unemployment rates and high debt. While in previously an individual may have advertised their services by flyer or word of mouth, Zaarly is a modern digital solution.

Some of the wide variety of services available on Zaarly include housecleaning, landscaping, HVAC services, lawn mowing, carpentry, arborist services, home organization, carpet cleaning and much more.

Zaarly is currently active in Austin, Minneapolis, Denver, Kansas City, San Antonio, Nashville and the San Francisco Bay Area.