- May 1, 2016
Sharing culture has officially gone mainstream with the success of Uber, but a new iteration of this phenomenon can be seen with lease sharing. Permeating industries such as automotive and real estate, this implies the literal peer-to-peer split of a lease, which shows not only the sharing of a resource and more affordability, but a less committal approach to a long-term contract.

The idea of lease sharing suits the growing Millennial perfectly, who has a lack of commitment -- exemplified through everything from Snapchat to lowered home and car ownership rates -- among their key principles. Though the idea of having a roommate or car pooling with friends is nothing new, the productionization -- and in some cases, full-on branding -- of this process speaks to a clear shift in the young consumer's definition of success.

Share Culture Expands to Everything from Autos to Homes: