This Website Facilitates Group Apartment Rentals Online

 - Jan 28, 2016
References: leasetogether & betalist
'Leasetogether' is a new web platform that facilitates group apartment rentals online. As many people know, signing a lease with multiple people can be a long and frustrating task. This platform streamlines the process by standardizing group rental applications.

Leasetogether allows prospective renters to draw up, sign and deliver group rental applications directly to landlords or real estate agents. The platform makes it easier to coordinate lease agreements with multiple people by providing a central place for securely uploading the correct documents. Leasetogether will then organize these documents so that those involved can see who has completed their application. The documents are then printed out and sent to the real estate agent overnight to ensure that each renter has the best chance of securing their dream apartment.

Leasetogether ultimately simplifies the rental process by making it easier for groups to organize their lease application.