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New Ventures

Entering the marketplace can be a daunting experience, particularly for new businesses, resulting in a plethora of new and innovative techniques to help market up-and-coming brands. Highlighting trends around new business ventures, online retail techniques and in-store services, this category is showcasing the variety of business strategies brands are using to get ahead of the competition.
Rounded Tip Knife Collections
Rounded Tip Knife Collections
Viners Boasts a Collection That Seeks to Reduce Knife Incidents
The government of the United Kingdom recently passed legislation in response to knife incidents that reached a record high, “with a reported 285 fatalities in the past 12 months” in the... MORE
Top 100 New Venture Trends in 2019
Top 100 New Venture Trends in 2019
From Futurist Cookbooks to Zero Waste Grocery Stores
At the heart of the top 2019 new venture trends is sustainability, with many brands and retailers introducing pledges, projects, product and packaging designs that support waste reduction and... MORE
Vegan Fast Food Expansions
Vegan Fast Food Expansions
Plant-Based QSR Globally Local to Launch in Windsors This Year
Globally Local, the iconic restaurant renowned for introducing the world’s first 24-hour vegan drive-thru, recently announced its first franchise location in Windsor, Canada.  The plant-... MORE
Hot Sauce Delivery Services
Hot Sauce Delivery Services
The Bespoke Post Scorch Box Delivers Hot Sauce to Your Front Door
Hot sauce lovers can now rejoice thanks to the new hot sauce delivery service—‘Bespoke Post Scorch Box.’ While subscription-based services have been popular for many industries... MORE
Sleep-Supporting Fragrances
Sleep-Supporting Fragrances
IFF Partnered with SleepScore Labs to Launch a Sleep Fragrance
SleepScore Labs, a cutting-edge, data-backed sleep solution company, recently announced a strategic partnership with IFF, a leading American corporation producing flavors, fragrances, and cosmetic... MORE
Ultra-Functional Stretchy Yoga Wear
Ultra-Functional Stretchy Yoga Wear
Nike Boasts a New Yoga Collection with Its Latest Technology
A new type of stretchy yoga wear is made available to consumers by sportswear purveyor Nike who has developed an innovative fabric for the occasion. Launched in the new year, the offerings will... MORE
Keto-Specific Cafés
Keto-Specific Cafés
WISK is the First Keto Café in Calgary, Alberta
With the rising popularity of wellness, attention to nutrition, and low-carb diets, hyper-specific establishments like keto cafes and restaurants are beginning to enjoy a surge in consumer demand.... MORE
Alcohol-Free Bars
Alcohol-Free Bars
The BrewDog AF Bar Supports "Drink All You Can Jan"
More people are becoming sober curious and open to trying non-alcoholic products, so brewers like BrewDog are responding by creating alcohol-free products and alcohol-free bars. Although BrewDog... MORE
Digitized Merchant
Cash economies go digital with merchant-centric benefits
Implications - The lack of digital payment infrastructure that extends to small and micro businesses is a significant challenge for businesses operating in primarily cash economies. In an effort to combat this, an increasing number of payment technology providers are establishing merchant-centric benefits ranging from loyalty programs to cost-free implementation processes. These offerings help move businesses out of a cash economy and away from potential risk.
Workshop Question - How has a move toward more digitized payment processes impacted your organization?
Microwavable Chipotle Bowls
Microwavable Chipotle Bowls
The Loma Linda Chipotle Bowl is Gluten-Free and Vegan-Friendly
The Loma Linda Chipotle Bowl is a highly nutritious dish that is perfect for conscious looking for a healthy and convenient food option. The new microwavable pouch was launched by Atlantic Natural... MORE
Brazil-Based Vegan Tech Hubs
Brazil-Based Vegan Tech Hubs
Meat Processing Company JBS Launched an Advanced Food Technology Hub
JBS, one of the world’s largest meat processing company’s based in Brazil, recently launched an advanced food technology hub called the Incredible Lab to develop and produce plant-based... MORE
Designer-Backed Opera Costumes
Designer-Backed Opera Costumes
Rei Kawakubo Ventures into the World of High-Art with This Project
Rei Kawakubo has created a series of opera costumes for the Vienna State Opera and the aesthetics here prove to be lush and striking. The designer is known for his work at Comme des Garcons — a... MORE
Gamer-Friendly Fundraising Platforms
Gamer-Friendly Fundraising Platforms
Streamlabs Solves a Problem in Livestream Fundraising
Livestream fundraising has become quite popular in the gaming community and many users with a sizable following engage in charitable initiatives that support different not-for-profits — from... MORE
Wellness-Supporting Gaming Partnerships
Wellness-Supporting Gaming Partnerships
Hitmarker & Gamer Advantage Work Together for Gamer Health
There is a new gaming partnership between Hitmarker — a UK-based eSports job platform, and Gamer Advantage, which identifies itself as a “gaming wellness company.” Gamer Advantage... MORE
Vegan Milk Pedicures
Vegan Milk Pedicures
Wellness Center Chillhouse Now Offers the 'Plant-Based and Chill' Treatment
Chillhouse, a modern wellness center based in New York City, recently joined forces with plant-based milk company Elmhurst Milked to launch a unique vegan milk pedicure dubbed ‘Plant-Based and... MORE
Grocery Selection Robots
Grocery Selection Robots
Walmart is Expediting Warehouse Operations with Robots Moving Items
Walmart’s grocery selection robot, the Alphabot, has passed its testing phase and is now scheduled to be used in brick and mortar stores, including the Salem superstore. The grocery selection... MORE
Safety-Focused Race League Features
Safety-Focused Race League Features
NASCAR Taps Artificial Intelligence to Ensure a Safe Race
The safe race is one of the top priorities for world-renowned NASCAR. Yet, due to the affiliation of the sport with adrenaline and fast cars, the US league has “experienced an average of more... MORE
Ad Insertion Technology Releases
Ad Insertion Technology Releases
Spotify Revealed Its New Advertiser Empowering System at CES 2020
Spotify announced, at CES 2020, that it created ad insertion technology for podcasts on the platform. The ad insertion technology will give podcasters access to a number of different demographic... MORE
Flying Taxi Concept Vehicles
Flying Taxi Concept Vehicles
Hyundai and Uber Collaborated to Produce the S-A1 Ahead of Uber Air
Hyundai and Uber collaborated to produce a flying taxi concept vehicle, which is titled the S-A1. The flying taxi concept brings Uber closer to its goal of launching Uber Air in 2023, which will be... MORE
Customizable Private Flights
Customizable Private Flights
Aman Resorts International Launched a Luxury Private Jet Service
Aman Resorts International created a private flight service that will take its customers to various locations owned by the company, spanning 21 different countries. Additionally, trips can be fully... MORE
Inaugural Adventure Motorcycle Designs
Inaugural Adventure Motorcycle Designs
Harley-Davidson Evolves Its Line to Include Pan America
As a purveyor and a name that is strongly tied to the American motorcycle industry, Harley-Davidson continues to “evolve its craft and offerings” with a new first-ever two-wheeler – an... MORE
play_circle_filled Electronics Company Cars Launches
Electronics Company Cars Launches
Sony Unveiled the VISION-S Prototype, a New Electric Car
Sony, the renowned Japanese producer of consumer and professional electronics, gaming, and entertainment technologies, recently expanded its business model with the launch of a new electric car—... MORE
Branded Boutique Cafes
Branded Boutique Cafes
The Tim Hortons Boutique Cafe Opens in Toronto’s Financial District
The Tim Hortons Boutique Café is a concept that tests “Canada’s iconic coffee and doughnut chain” in the narrative of the luxury market. While the traditional expression of the company has... MORE
Game-Inspired Beauty Collaborations
Game-Inspired Beauty Collaborations
MAC x Tencent Collection Sold Out Within the First 24 Hours
When a product sells out in the first 24 hours after its release, one can come to the conclusion that there is in fact a great demand for said product in the space and that is what happened to a... MORE
Adult Toy-Inspired Phone Cases
Adult Toy-Inspired Phone Cases
TENGA Boasts a New and Subtly Racy iPhone X and XS Case
A brand new iPhone X and XS case is offered to Apple fans, but this one embraces a rather unconventional inspiration. The product is produced by a popular Japanese company that is well-known for its... MORE