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New Ventures

Entering the marketplace can be a daunting experience, particularly for new businesses, resulting in a plethora of new and innovative techniques to help market up-and-coming brands. Highlighting trends around new business ventures, online retail techniques and in-store services, this category is showcasing the variety of business strategies brands are using to get ahead of the competition.
Modular Fried Chicken Stores
Modular Fried Chicken Stores
Golden Chick's Modular Stores Could Benefit Its Franchisees
Golden Chick, the Texas-based fried chicken chain, has announced that it will be launching a modular store design that will save on time and cost. The modular stores are built at an off-site... MORE
Delivery Program Launches
Delivery Program Launches
Walmart Launched a New Delivery Pilot Program with HomeValet
Walmart announced that it is partnering with HomeValet, a temperature-controlled smart box company, to launch a new grocery delivery pilot program that will deliver items 24 hours a day. The... MORE
B2B Electric Delivery Services
B2B Electric Delivery Services
The 'BrightDrop' Service Provides Streamlined Delivery Packages
General Motors has launched an innovative new electric delivery service, dubbed BrightDrop, that is designed to make it easier than ever for its commercial customers to go about using electric... MORE
Flavourful Organic Hard Seltzers
Flavourful Organic Hard Seltzers
Ashland Hard Seltzer is Brewed with Alkaline Water
Ashland Hard Seltzer is offering an innovative take on the organic hard seltzer beverage by brewing it with alkaline water. The company is entering a robust market, worth more than $2.5 billion, as... MORE
Custom E-Commerce T-Shirts
Custom E-Commerce T-Shirts
Amazon Fashion Created a Custom T-Shirt Portal Named "Made for You"
Amazon Fashion created a custom t-shirt sales portal, named “Made for You,” through the amazon app that features “virtual fit technology.” The custom t-shirt portal is available to... MORE
Fried Chicken-Dispensing Machines
Fried Chicken-Dispensing Machines
KFC China Announced That It Will Launch Autonomous Food Pods
KFC China, the largest fast food chain in the country, has announced that it will be bringing chicken-dispensing machines to city streets. While the details surrounding the autonomous food pods... MORE
Crave-Worthy Vegan Food Expansions
Crave-Worthy Vegan Food Expansions
Vegan Junk Food Bar Expands to new Locations Across Europe
Vegan Junk Food Bar, the popular Amsterdam-founded plant-based eatery, recently announced plans for international expansion with a new location in Barcelona, Spain. The brand is renowned for its &#... MORE
Local Artisan Marketplaces
Local Artisan Marketplaces
The United Aunties Market Features Goods from Vancouver’s Chinatown
The United Aunties Market offers a curated selection of local art and crafts from Vancouver’s Chinatown. The marketplace offers goods like hand-bound journals, stunning handmade jewelry, and... MORE
Auto Architecture
Car brands are influencing the design choices in architecture and homeware
Trend - Auto brands are having an effect on the aesthetic and functional decisions in architecture and interior design projects. While some car companies are directly partnering with an architectural practice, others are serving as a strong point of inspiration.
Workshop Question - What adjacent industry could your brand borrow ideas from?
Vaccination Center-Hosting Restaurants
Vaccination Center-Hosting Restaurants
Brewdog Wants to Speed Up Vaccination Delivery
Needless to say, the efficient COVID-19 vaccination delivery is of interest to many parties—from those who just want to see their friends under normal circumstances to business owners who have... MORE
Future-Focused Restaurant Redesigns
Future-Focused Restaurant Redesigns
El Pollo Loco's Redesign Caters to Off-Premise Dining
With more consumers turning to convenient takeout options during the COVID-19 pandemic, El Pollo Loco is joining other restaurants like McDonald’s in redesigning its restaurants for the future... MORE
Social Media Shopping Experiences
Social Media Shopping Experiences
Youtube Tests New Feature to Buy Products Shown on Video
YouTube has started testing out a new social media shopping experience that allows North American participants to buy featured products directly from the video they are watching or posting. This... MORE
Stress-Relieving Probiotics
Stress-Relieving Probiotics
DuPont Nutrition and Biosciences are Launching HOWARU Calm
In the beginning, probiotics were celebrated for assisting in gut health, then they became a very popular functional ingredient in skincare, and now companies are pivoting to stress-relieving... MORE
Celebrity Entrepreneur Talent Agencies
Celebrity Entrepreneur Talent Agencies
VaynerTalent is a Publicity Platform from Gary Vaynerchuk
One of the world’s most recognizable entrepreneurs is launching his own talent representation and consulting service called VaynerTalent. Although Gary Vaynerchuk has been planning the new... MORE
Drone Betting Partnerships
Drone Betting Partnerships
Drone Racing League Entered into a Partnership with DraftKings
Drone Racing League entered into a partnership with DraftKings where views can now bet money on the outcomes of the league, however, betting is currently restricted to certain states. Online... MORE
Eyewear-Branded Dessert Shops
Eyewear-Branded Dessert Shops
Gentle Monster's Dessert Brand, Nudake, is Opening a Store in Seoul
Gentle Monster’s dessert brand, Nudake, has just been announced a brick-and-mortar location, making a unique pivot for the eyewear brand. Gentle Monster is a brand that’s known for its... MORE
Streaming Service Launches
Streaming Service Launches
The Discovery+ Streaming Service Was Launched in the Unites States
The Discovery+ streaming service was recently launched in the United States after it was launched in Ireland and the United Kingdom last fall through a deal with Sky. The United States launch of... MORE
Autonomous Retail Networks
Autonomous Retail Networks
Walmart Will Use Autonomous Box Trucks That are Completely Driverless
On December 15,  Walmart announced that in early 2021 its Autonomous Box Trucks will transition to be fully autonomous on a two-mile-long test road in Bentonville, Arkansas. The fully... MORE
Activism Platform Launches
Activism Platform Launches
The actionable Platform Gives Users Ways to Get Involved in Causes
The actionable platform was launched which is comprised of various causes that users can get involved with, including donating as well as volunteering, contacting officials, or signing petitions.... MORE
Efficient Holiday Retail Returns
Efficient Holiday Retail Returns
Walmart Launched Its Carrier Pickup Service to Improve Returns
Walmart partnered with FedEx to create a new free service named Carrier Pickup, which allows consumers to return items purchased from Walmart directly from their homes. The Carrier Pickup service... MORE
Carbon Footprint-Calculating Apps
Carbon Footprint-Calculating Apps
The Yayzy App Can Calculate the Environmental Impact of Spending
The Yayzy app was released for iOS and it utilizes personal spending data to calculate the environmental impact of each purchase, an Android version will be released at a later date. Users can... MORE
Mexican Grill Protein Expansions
Mexican Grill Protein Expansions
Chipotle is Testing Smoked Brisket at Select Locations in the US
Chipotle Mexican Grill has announced that it will be bringing a new protein option to 64 restaurants in Cincinnati and Sacramento. For a limited time, consumers in these areas will be able to... MORE
Celebrity Chef Vegan Restaurants
Celebrity Chef Vegan Restaurants
Le Mariachi is a Vegan Mexican Restaurant Set to Open in Canada
Le Mariachi is a new vegan Mexican eatery launched by reality tv show MasterChef season eight inner, Dino Angelo Luciano. The new restaurant will open in Montréal and features decadent plant-based... MORE
Next-Gen Prototype Restaurants
Next-Gen Prototype Restaurants
KFC's New Restaurant Design Prioritizes Contactless Features
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the long-term changes that are expected to remain in place as a result of it, KFC unveiled a prototype restaurant that’s focused on contactless ordering,... MORE
Garage Delivery Service Launches
Garage Delivery Service Launches
Amazon Expanded Its Garage Delivery Service to 4,000 U.S. Cities
Amazon expanded its Prime accessible Key in-garage delivery services to over 4,000 cities across the United States and will expand product delivery options from both Whole Foods Market and Amazon... MORE