Tenant Assured Lurks Social Media To Tell Landlords If Renters Can Pay

 - Jun 29, 2016
References: scoreassured & springwise
Tenant Assured is a yet to launch startup that pulls data from social media accounts so landlords can be sure their tenants are good for rent. From UK-based Score Assured, the new venture offers "clever tenant referencing," which takes creeping prospective renters online to a new level.

The software analyzes data from social media, giving landlords insight into whether a renter will be able to pay their rent. The landlords send a request to a potential tenant, and they are required to grant access to all social accounts, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Tenant Assured pulls from not just public posts, but private messages and conversations so its natural language processor can create a report on "financial stress level," personality traits, life events and how often keywords like 'broke' or 'poor' appear.

This controversial tool might give landlords information they desire, but privacy and discrimination both present issues.