- Jun 18, 2016
From investment firms turning to Snapchat for recruitment to cardless ATM transactions, the top June 2016 finance ideas showcase the rampant disruption taking place in the financial industry as it converges with ever-evolving digital technology.

American investment firm JPMorgan recently took to Snapchat to highlight global employment opportunities targeted at new graduates. The innovative recruiting campaign included a series of Geofilters centered on college campuses during grad ceremonies, while it also featured 10-second ads that ran in the 'Graduation Live' Story within the app.

Separately, Android Pay is working to expand its convenience-focused payment platform to several banks, meaning that a future of cardless ATM transactions is for once a real possibility. A great example of how traditional banks can compete with disruptive social pay platforms, the program is sure to please busy consumers.

From Snapchat Recruitment Campaigns to Financial Wellness Apps: