This Website Allows Users to Mail an Eggplant with a Personal Message

 - Mar 22, 2016
References: eggplantmail & eater
In addition to glitter, phallic candies and lumps of coals, consumers can now mail their enemies -- or even their friends -- an eggplant with a cruel message of their choosing.

The unusual service is available from, which is a platform solely dedicated to mailing eggplants. Those who wish to send an eggplant simply need to enter the address of the recipient and the company will send an anonymous packaging containing the purple-hued vegetable. Senders can even add a personalized message to their eggplant, so that the recipient knows exactly why he or she is receiving the offending produce.

While the service is ideal for toying with your enemies, it can also serve as a fun way to play a practical joke on a friend.