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Constantly influenced by pop culture innovations, mass media and cultural elements, consumer lifestyle is continuously evolving to maintain both social and personal developments. Highlighting trends in leisurely activities, consumer behavior and modern entertainment, this category is helping to shed light on how consumer lifestyle is constantly adapting.
Eagerly Awaited Nightbuds
Eagerly Awaited Nightbuds
Consumers who enjoy listening to music or audiobooks before bed may be drawn to these incredibly thin, sleep-monitoring Bluetooth earbuds, appropriately named ‘Nightbuds.’ The device was... MORE
Resuable Miniature Camping Kits
Resuable Miniature Camping Kits
The ‘Cozy Canadian Campfires Kit’ is 100% Non-Toxic
The ‘Cozy Canadian Campfires Kit’ allows consumers to enjoy the campfire staple treat wherever and whenever they want. Each mini campfire is made in Canada using 100% non-toxic and natural... MORE
Online Dating Anti-Ghosting Features
Online Dating Anti-Ghosting Features
'Snack' Will Now Punish Users for Not Responding to Messages
‘Snack,’ the video-focused online dating application targeted towards Gen-Z daters, has announced the release of a new “Snack anti-ghosting” feature that will punish lazy... MORE
Wine-Inspired Gift Boxes
Wine-Inspired Gift Boxes
The 'Wine Down Gift Set' Has Everything Needed for a Relaxing Night In
The ‘Wine Down Gift Set’ allows the receiver to wind down and relax with its vino-inspired items. Each gift set contains a ‘Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder,’ a set of ‘Wine Soaps,’ and ... MORE
Nourishing Skincare Candles
Nourishing Skincare Candles
The Lyda Beauty SKN Butter Candle Supports Moisture Retention & Repair
The Lyda Beauty SKN Butter Candle is made with a blend of exotic butters that are beneficial for delivering deep moisture retention and protective properties. Cupuaçu butter and Kokum butter are... MORE
Discreet Portable Tasers
Discreet Portable Tasers
Axon Debuted a New Taser Device That Alerts Emergency Dispatch When Fired
Consumers looking for a discreet and travel-friendly taser may be drawn to the TASER Bolt 2 from Axon. The device can immobilize an attacker for up to 30 seconds and boasts a high lumen light for... MORE
Carnival-Style Cannabis Packaging
Carnival-Style Cannabis Packaging
High Life Farms' Popcorn Buds Pre-Packaged Flower is Nostalgic
Cannabis company High Life Farms announced a line of premium Popcorn Buds Pre-Packaged Flower products that play with vintage, carnival-style packaging. The premium small buds join a range of award-... MORE
DIY Carnivorous Plant Kits
DIY Carnivorous Plant Kits
The ‘Grow Your Own Venus Fly Trap’ Kit Also Comes with a Mini-Book
Eccentric gardeners and plant lovers can now grow their own carnivorous plant with the ‘Grow Your Own Venus Fly Trap’ kit. The Venus flytrap is a predatory plant that feeds on insects but is... MORE
Blue Zone Living
Brands are optimizing experiences to facilitate longer & better lives for clients
Trend - Coined by Dan Buettner, Blue Zones are identified as regions of the world where a higher than usual number of people live much longer than average. Brands—particularly in the hospitality and nutrition sector—are drawing inspiration from lifestyles in Blue Zones in order to provide unique enriching, longevity-enhancing experiences to consumers.
Workshop Question - How can your brand use Blue Zones research to optimize its product/service?
Revolutionary Backpacking Mats
Revolutionary Backpacking Mats
EXPED Announced the Launch of New Backapcking Mats
EXPED recently announced the launch of revolutionary backpacking mats, designed to meet the needs of outdoor adventures and provide a comfortable night’s sleep. There are three types of... MORE
Gardening Gift Bundles
Gardening Gift Bundles
The ‘Indoor Gardener's Gift Set’ Has Various Garden-Themed Activities
The ‘Indoor Gardener’s Gift Set’ is the perfect gift for the plant-lover in your life. The gift set will allow them to enjoy plants in more ways than one. With the ‘mason... MORE
play_circle_filled Uniquely-Shaped Animal Feeders
Uniquely-Shaped Animal Feeders
The ‘Retro Camper Mesh Bird Feeder’ Can Carry 7 Pounds of Seeds
The ‘Retro Camper Mesh Bird Feeder With Hanging Chain’ adds a unique vintage look and feel to your outdoor decor. It is perfect for avid bird watchers and animal lovers as it is able to carry 7... MORE
play_circle_filled Love-Inspired Gift Boxes
Love-Inspired Gift Boxes
Build-A-Bear Introduces ‘Heartbox’ Its Curated Gifting Service
Build-A-Bear has recently introduced ‘HeartBox,’ a unique curated giftbox service. One of the special boxes consumers can purchase is the ‘Romantic At Heart Box,’ which is perfect as the... MORE
Alcohol-Themed Gift Bundles
Alcohol-Themed Gift Bundles
The ‘Bourbon Lover's Gift Set’ Has a Trio of Bourbon-Themed Items
Uncommon Goods has the ‘Bourbon Lover’s Gift Set’ for those looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for the whiskey lover in their life. The receiver of this gift can enhance... MORE
Relaxing Self-Care Kits
Relaxing Self-Care Kits
The ‘Self-Love Gift Set’ Contains Everything Needed for a Relaxing Evening
The ‘Self-Love Gift Set’ provides users with the tools to treat themselves to a relaxing night in. Each kit comes with ‘Heart-Shaped Shower Steamers,’ a Heart-Shaped Massage Tool,’ and a  MORE
CO2-Made Soap Bar Packs
CO2-Made Soap Bar Packs
CleanO2's 'Cold night beverage pack' is Handmade and Biodegradable
Consumers can relax and scrub themselves clean with CleanO2’s ‘Cold night beverage pack.’ The soap packs are inspired by beverages that would be delightful to partake in on a cold wintery night.... MORE
Cannabis-Infused Social Seltzers
Cannabis-Infused Social Seltzers
Levia's Zero-Calorie Seltzers Refresh, Energize & Melloe
Levia makes cannabis-infused social seltzers for adults that are free from sugar and calories, and enhanced with the benefits of five milligrams of THC. Fueled by natural flavors, the seltzers can... MORE
Self-Care Goody Bags
Self-Care Goody Bags
Holt Renfrew’s ‘Beauty Wellness Bag’ Contains Full-Sized Products
Holt Renfrew has recently released its ‘Beauty Wellness Bag,’ which contains a mix of full-sized products, deluxe samples, and more. Not only does the bag include various beauty items,... MORE
Ocean-Inspired Home Decor
Ocean-Inspired Home Decor
The ‘Ceramic Coral-Shaped Vase’ Boasts Both Texture and Dimension
The ‘Ceramic Coral-Shaped Vase’ adds a minimalistic coastal beach vibe into any space it is placed in. The vase can be used to make rustic centerpieces for parties or coastal-inspired... MORE
play_circle_filled Botanical Artisan Soaps
Botanical Artisan Soaps
The ‘Artisan-Made Petite Floral Shaped Soap Collection’ Has Five Soaps
The ‘Artisan-Made Petite Floral Shaped Soap Collection’ is both beautiful and moisturizing. Each soap is made with a blend of goat’s milk, shea butter, coconut oil, and other... MORE
Luminescent Mushroom Plant Decor
Luminescent Mushroom Plant Decor
Each ‘Lunalite Solar Mushroom Planter Stake’ is Handmade
The ‘Lunalite Solar Mushroom Planter Stake’ set is a beautiful and colorful addition to any plant pot or garden. Its mushroom-like appearance will blend in perfectly with the greenery and will... MORE
Anthropomorphic Hand-Warming Packs
Anthropomorphic Hand-Warming Packs
The ‘Kawaii Hot Sauce Hand Warmers’ are Perfect for Winter
The ‘Kawaii Hot Sauce Hand Warmers’ provide heat like the sauce they are made to look like. Their small and portable design allows users to bring them on any cold weather excursions. These hot... MORE
play_circle_filled Encouraging Reminder Kitchenware
Encouraging Reminder Kitchenware
Write Down and Complete Goals Using the ‘MY GOAL THIS WEEK MUG'
Self-motivation can be difficult, but the ‘MY GOAL THIS WEEK MUG’ makes it fun in a practical way. Start your day off with your beverage of choice and write down your goal or goals for the week... MORE
Cozy Valentines Day Teas
Cozy Valentines Day Teas
The ‘Warm the Heart Valentine’s Day Set’ Comes with 25 Tea Drops
Consumers can make their significant other’s hearts and bodies warm with the ‘Warm the Heart Valentine’s Day Set.’ This cozy gift set gives them everything they need to wind... MORE
play_circle_filled Love-Reminding Kitchenware
Love-Reminding Kitchenware
You Can Write Down Heartfelt Messages on the ‘I Love You Because Mug’
Outwardly telling someone how much you love them or what you love about them can be difficult but the ‘I Love You Because Mug’ provides a sweet and discreet way to show your appreciation.... MORE