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Discover why 1,167 brands rely on our AI-powered Trend Reports to get better, faster insights.
Join 331,340 subscribers who rely on our weekly newsletter to keep up with need-to-know trends and insights.
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Life Trends

Constantly influenced by pop culture innovations, mass media and cultural elements, consumer lifestyle is continuously evolving to maintain both social and personal developments. Highlighting trends in leisurely activities, consumer behavior and modern entertainment, this category is helping to shed light on how consumer lifestyle is constantly adapting.
Taboo Men's Health Apps
Taboo Men's Health Apps
'Mojo' is a Health App that Targets the Less Spoken-About Areas
‘Mojo’ is a relatively new men’s health application from the United Kingdom. This app aims to revolutionize the way men handle challenges related to erectile dysfunction and other... MORE
play_circle_filled Menstrual Leave Campaigns
Menstrual Leave Campaigns
Intimina Launched Useless Spanish Lessons for Menstrual Hygiene Day
Ahead of Menstrual Hygiene Day in May, Intimina launched a campaign to bring awareness to the ongoing stigma around time off for period pain in the workplace. The Useless Spanish Lessons campaign... MORE
play_circle_filled Farming Simulation Games
Farming Simulation Games
Roots of Pacha is a Pixel-Style Life Simulation Game with RPG Elements
Roots of Pacha is a simulation game that allows players to join a stone age community and contribute to its development. The game features pixel graphics, farming simulation, life simulation, and... MORE
Bamboo Linen Bedsets
Bamboo Linen Bedsets
Cozy Earth Debuted the Bamboo Linen Box Quilt to Regulate Sleep Temperature
The Cozy Earth Bamboo Linen Box Quilt is a bedding product that combines the softness of bamboo viscose with the crispness of French flax linen. It is designed to be breathable, temperature... MORE
Hourly Job-Finding Apps
Hourly Job-Finding Apps
Gigs is a Job Platform for the Gig Economy
Gigs is a job platform that focuses on helping people find hourly jobs in their neighborhoods. This platform helps to simplify the matching process for employers and job seekers alike, and employers... MORE
On-Demand Astrology Readings
On-Demand Astrology Readings
Astrologer Connect Matches Users with Top Professional Astrologers
Astrology Hub is introducing a first-of-its-kind platform to connect the industry’s most sought-after experts with people who want on-demand readings with Astrology Connect. This platform... MORE
play_circle_filled Reliable Tennis Backpacks
Reliable Tennis Backpacks
ADV Tennis Launched the Jetpack Collection on Kickstarter
The ADV Tennis Jetpack Collection is a line of performance-focused tennis bags that redefine the norm. The bags are designed to carry all your tools and gear to have fun and play your best game. The... MORE
play_circle_filled Self-Watering Flowerpots
Self-Watering Flowerpots
The GroPot from AgroSci Prevents Overwatering and Poor Plant Care
The ‘GroPot’ from ‘AgroSci Inc’ is an indoor-outdoor self-watering planter with sub-surface soil heating for optimizing plant performance. It is a three-in-one product that... MORE
Paired Fragrance
Fragrance brands offer complimentary product pairings for their fragrances
Trend - Fragrance brands are partnering with brands in other spaces to offer bundled products that complement each other. By pairing fragrances with functional products, the consumer experience is elevated by activating more senses, such as through pairing scents with alcohol or with sodas.
Workshop Question - How could your brand reach a wider consumer market through collaboration?
Digital ED Coach Apps
Digital ED Coach Apps
The 'Regimen' Mobile App Coaches Men Through ED-Related Challenges
‘Regimen’ is a doctor-approved mobile application that serves as a virtual coach for men struggling with erectile dysfunction and the associated challenges that come with the condition.... MORE
Discreet Cannabis Cups
Discreet Cannabis Cups
Puffco Partnered with AriZona on a Limited-Edition 'AriZona Cupsy'
Puffco, a leading manufacturer of innovative cannabis consumption devices for cannabis and cannabis concentrates, announced a new collaboration with AriZona for 2023’s 4/20 celebrations. This... MORE
Festival Friend Matching Apps
Festival Friend Matching Apps
Hey! VINA & Absolut are Connecting Coachella Best Festival Friends
Absolut is the Official Vodka of Coachella and it is helping to connect people virtually in the metaverse with the Absolut.Land experience and in real life with the Find Your ‘Best Festival... MORE
Smart Bird Baths
Smart Bird Baths
Bird Buddy's Bird Bath Captures Feathered Friends Cooling Off & Getting Clean
Bird Buddy’s Smart Bird Bath complements the original Smart Bird Feeder and offers a fun way to watch birds refresh themselves and get clean. This unique way to engage in birdwatching provides... MORE
AI-Powered Tennis Racquets
AI-Powered Tennis Racquets
All Design Lab Creates the Hìtëkw Racquet with the Help of AI
All Design Lab designs the Hìtëkw, which is a unique tennis racquet that is fueled by artificial intelligent technology. It is actually created with a blend of AI-based tools in combination with... MORE
play_circle_filled Enzymatic Floor Cleaners
Enzymatic Floor Cleaners
O-Cedar PACS are Perfectly Portioned to Deep Clean Hard Floor Surfaces
The O-Cedar PACS Hard Floor Cleaner is debuting as the “most convenient cleaning product yet” from O-Cedar and it uses hard-working enzymes to tackle tough messes without harsh chemicals.... MORE
Monthly ED Subscription Services
Monthly ED Subscription Services
'BlueChew' is a Discrete Service that Delivers ED Medications
BlueChew is a monthly subscription-based service that provides chewable tablets of sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) within the United States. The service is... MORE
Gen Z Debit Cards
Gen Z Debit Cards
Venmo is Introducing a Teen Account & Debit Card for Gen Z
Digital wallet app Venmo is introducing a teen account and a debit card for children between the ages of 13 and 17. This new service will allow parents to open an account for their child so that... MORE
Experiential Gift Registries
Experiential Gift Registries
Nabu is a Gift Registry Platform to Give Kids Memorable Experiences
Families often find themselves inundated with an overwhelming abundance of gifts for their children, prompting them to ask gift-givers to prioritize experience-based presents, fostering cherished... MORE
play_circle_filled AI-Powered Gift Recommendations
AI-Powered Gift Recommendations's ChatGPT Plugin Uses AI to Share Personalized Ideas
There’s always at least one person on a gift list who is difficult to shop for but’s ChatGPT Plugin has the potential to make gift-giving easier with the power of artificial... MORE
Luxe Laundry Detergent Collabs
Luxe Laundry Detergent Collabs
This Ouai and DedCool Collaboration Makes Laundry Day Luxurious
The chore of laundry day has the potential to be turned into a pleasant experience with the latest collaboration between Ouai and DedCool. With a luxurious scent and aesthetically pleasing packaging,... MORE
Urban Communal Dining Events
Urban Communal Dining Events
Toronto's Weekly Communal Table Program is Hosted Under a Highway
This summer in Toronto, there will be Communal Table experiences hosted under a highway to brings people together as part of The Bentway’s Beyond Concrete series. This weekly communal dining... MORE
Capture Card Audio Interfaces
Capture Card Audio Interfaces
Rode Launches the Streamer X and Rodecaster Duo Devices
Rode unveils the new Streamer X device which blends two features together—an audio interface and an external capture card. Users are able to connect their line-level microphones and headsets... MORE
Ready-to-Roll Cannabis Brands
Ready-to-Roll Cannabis Brands
EDW is a New Pre-Ground, Ready-to-Roll Flower Brand
EDW (Every Day Weed) is a new pre-ground, ready-to-roll flower brand for the cannabis consumer who wants great flower and consumes it regularly. Since the product is sold pre-ground, it needs no... MORE
play_circle_filled Home Disinfectant Sprays
Home Disinfectant Sprays
ByoPlanet's MS-700 Electrostatic Sprayer uses Charges to Attract Droplets
The ByoPlanet electrostatic disinfectant spray is a technology that uses an electrostatic charge to coat surfaces with disinfectant solutions. It is designed to provide better protection against the... MORE
Playful Modular Mops
Playful Modular Mops
Staff and Clorox Created a Colorful Wet Mop with Rubber Hat Topper
Staff collaborated with Clorox to create a more colorful version of the standard wet mop and its design promises to infuse cleaning routines with a sense of playfulness and joy. This mop is made up... MORE