From Furry Nail Art to Relaxing Soup-Scented Bath Salts

 - Jan 28, 2017
These 2016 bizarre trends show just how far brands are willing to go to get consumers to remember them. To see what other campaigns and products like these arise, check out our 2017 Trend Reports.

To bring more shoppers into its food courts, IKEA Japan created the 'Ninja Dog,' a 12-inch hot dog that's sandwiched in an 8-inch bun. Made with edible bamboo charcoal, the food is colored a deep hue of black, which is where it gets its name from. The Ninja Dog is then topped off with mustard and ketchup, with the condiments appearing especially vibrant on the Gothic food. In addition to appealing to foodies with a taste for obscurity, IKEA Japan's hot dogs boasted detoxifying properties.

Also included in these 2016 bizarre trends are excrement-themed dessert cafes, fried chicken sunscreens, cocktail-mixing dresses and an $80,000 milk glass that bears a trace of Justin Bieber's DNA.