The New 'Hash Bites Crust Pizza' is a Delicious Hybrid Dish

 - Jan 25, 2016
References: facebook & brandeating
Pizza Hut New Zealand recently wrapped up a promotion for a tater tot-crusted pizza. While different pizza chains have stuffed their crust with everything from hot dogs to meat pies, this dish represents a different kind of hybrid treat.

The 'Hash Bites Crust Pizza' was introduced at Pizza Hut New Zealand about two months ago as part of a limited-time promotion. The chain already offers Hash Bites (the regional name for tater tots) as a side dish, however the new promotion allowed customers to have the spuds baked into the crust of their pizza. As a result, customers could order a tater tot-crusted pizza with any combination of traditional pizza toppings.

With the debut of the Hash Bites Crust Pizza and the return of Pizza Hut New Zealand's Cheeseburger Crust Pizza, there seems to be a continued demand for bizarre and unusual hybrid food items.