From Avocado French Fries to Raw Matcha Macaroons

 - Aug 30, 2015
As much as swimsuit season is one time of the year that many people are generally more careful about what they eat, this doesn't stop most of the August 2015 food ideas from being a little indulgent. Once healthy items are being transformed into decadent snacks, as seen in mouthwatering examples like bacon apple rings, chocolate tortilla chips, watermelon cakes and blueberry ice cream sandwiches.

On the flip side, a number of traditionally unhealthy dishes are being reimagined with superfood ingredients. Some of these examples include avocado french fries and raw macaroons made with green matcha powder.

All regard for health comes second to novelty in the form of fun dishes like baked rainbow bread, ice cream sandwiches shaped like handheld gaming consoles, as well as McDonald's new line of Minion-shaped fries.