This Recipe for Grilled Chocolate-Covered Potatoes is Highly Unusual

 - Jul 27, 2015
References: foodrepublic
Chocolate Coffee Potatoes are a culinary innovation the average foodie isn't very familiar with. Fusing breakfast, dinner and dessert elements, this side dish is quite the creation.

Posted on the Food Republic website, Chocolate Coffee Potatoes are a sweet and savory side dish created by Jill Paradiso. After falling short of the time and the ingredients needed to create a generic mole sauce, Paradiso opted for a more innovative creation instead. Looking to achieve the same earthy richness, Paradiso used the ingredients she did have to create Chocolate Coffee Potatoes.

The potatoes are tossed in coffee grounds, olive oil and sea salt before being wrapped in aluminium foil, grilled, then topped with dark chocolate. Paradiso explains that this unusual dish makes the perfect gourmet meal for any camping expeditions.