From Festive Evergreen Chips to Cheese-Filled Nacho Snacks

 - Feb 24, 2016
These unexpected tortilla chip flavors range from healthy hemp and spinach-based bites to deep-fried and cheese-filled specialty snacks. While examples like 7Eleven's limited edition Doritos Loaded snacks transform classic corn chips into deep fried versions with a gooey cheese filling, examples like Doritos Roulette bags invited tasters to seek out a mystery chip that would be dramatically spicier than the rest.

For health conscious consumers, examples like Garden of Eatin's blue chip range boasts branding that promotes all-natural ingredients while a Plum & Cheese tortilla chip flavor by Frito-Lay replaces artificial cheese sauce with creme cheese and fruit that are significantly lower in fat and sodium.

Whether looking to cut calories or fully indulge, snackers can give one of these unexpected flavors a try while celebrating National Tortilla Chip Day.