These Chips are Delicious and Nutritious

 - Dec 4, 2014
References: wholefoodsmarket
If you want to know what hemp can do for you, head on over to your nearest Whole Foods Market to pick up some of these delicious Hemp Tortilla Chips. The chip packs are part of the 'Food Should Taste Good' line, which is just as well because these chips aren't merely a healthier option than your regular staples but actually taste delicious.

These hemp tortilla chips bring together the wonderful nutty flavor of hemp seeds with organic blue corn and sea salt to create a chip that has a complex and pleasing flavor profile. These chips taste delicious on their own or with veggie dip, fruit salsa, edamamee puree or figs & goat cheese. These chips are devoid of trans fats and cholesterol. They are also gluten free, Kosher-friendly and low in sodium, meaning everyone can enjoy them.