From Protein-Packed Cereals to Sprouted Superfood Cereals

 - Sep 28, 2015
These wholesome breakfast cereals provide a healthy alternative to sugar sweet dishes. In recent years, many companies have moved beyond sugary cereals and started producing more nutritious offerings. These tasty new cereals provide a healthy way to start the day.

One of the biggest changes in cereal has been the rise of gluten-free options. While the vast majority of cereals are still made from wheat, many brands have added gluten-free varieties to existing product lines. These wholesome breakfast cereals are made from alternative ingredients such as quinoa, rolled oats and superfood seeds.

Aside from doing away with gluten, many companies have looked for other ways to enhance breakfast cereals. For example, some companies have made cereals more nutritious by adding superfood ingredients such as goji berries, acai and maca. Other companies have simply enhanced existing products by infusing the grains with extra protein or fiber.