Living Intentions' Healthy Breakfast Cereal Boasts 'No Weird Stuff'

Acai, chia, ginger, cacao, spirulina, chlorella and hemp are some of the superfoods that power Living Intentions' healthy breakfast cereal assortment. Showcased at Expo West, the cereal comes out of the bag in colorful, crunchy clusters that hold together well when milk is added—this also means that the bag is great to grab as a snack to eat on the go. Although the ingredient list is simple, it is loaded with sprouted goodness from buckwheat and sunflowers that help to make this breakfast as filling as it is healthful.

The superfood breakfast is certified organic, kosher and paleo, made without nuts, soy, grains and gluten, which will be especially appealing to those on an alternative diet plan. Although sprouting your own ingredients at home isn't that hard to do, these fruity superfood breakfast cereals make eating healthy first thing in the monring a total no-brainer.