From Silly Cereal Boxes to Personified Cookie Packaging

 - Feb 23, 2016
From cereal boxes with built-in games to personified biscuit packaging, it is clear that companies are exploring many different kinds of kid-friendly food branding. This involves making sure that parents understand the nutritional value of the product while still appearing appetizing to children.

One of the most interesting ways that food companies are making healthier products appealing to children is with interactive packaging. By adding puzzles, games and other interactive features to their product, companies are able to capture a child's attention. For example, Kissan's Jam is a healthy fruit spread that comes with a jungle-themed board game that teaches children about healthy eating. Another example is Kix Cereal's 'pop-out and play' boxes.

Another form of kid-friendly food branding involves personification. This tactic allows companies to turn nutritious snacks into cute characters that children can relate to. Some interesting uses of personification include healthy biscuits shaped like cartoon faces, trail mix packaged in animal shaped boxes and fruit snacks that resemble bear paws.