Mishutka's Snack Packaging Features Clever Cutouts and a Curious Bear

 - Aug 28, 2014
References: belatmeat.by & packagingoftheworld
The creative snack packaging for Mishutka's line of sausages for kids refreshes the brand's identity as one of the largest meat producers on the market in Belarus. Since the brand is well-known, its sausages are easily recognizable because they feature a playful bear pattern that's been applied directly to the sausages through a natural smoking process. To highlight one of the most recognizable elements of the snack, Fabula Branding developed a wrapper that shows off the bear patterning perfectly.

The snack food packaging is set up to look like a tree with a hole in it, and a curious bear is climbing up its trunk. This new bear character sports a recognizable pair of checkered overalls, which is also has become an identifier of the product line.