- Dec 17, 2016
Board game gifts can be extremely popular during the holiday season due to their playful, collaborative and educational elements.

'The Period Game' would make an excellent gift for children and teens to learn about menstruation. The playful game turns an occasionally awkward subject into something that is actually fun to learn about. It works to educate players on many different aspects of the menstrual cycle and prevents the spread of myths and misinformation.

The 'Rise Up' game could be particularly useful given the current political climate in many countries around the world. The board game teaches players how to form and mobilize in order to peacefully protest against unjust laws and the infringement of civil rights. The game can be used for fun, can be used to teach new activists how to become involved in social mobilization, and can also be used to help more experienced activists learn how to lead campaigns.

These Board Games Add Fun and Educational Activities to the Home: