The Pokemon Monopoly Kanto Refits the Game With Cartoon Characters

 - Jul 30, 2016
References: thinkgeek
Thanks to the highly anticipated Pokemon Go augmented reality app, other brands are revamping classic games to be themed to the anime monster universe, such as this Pokemon Monopoly Kanto Edition. The game replaces the beloved animate object tokens and the properties on the board with anime monsters.

The Pokemon Monopoly Kanto Edition offers an offline way for consumers to explore the world of Pokemon that can be played with the entire family. The game revamps its mission from focusing on property purchasing to creating Pokemon Centres and Poke Marts. Players aim to sustain their establishments without going bankrupt or joining the nemesis Team Rocket.

Pokemon Monopoly is an example of how brands can utilize a pop culture craze and apply it to already well-established products to make them new and exciting.