- Jan 29, 2017
Considering the immense popularity of Pokémon GO this past summer, it's no surprise that brands have been following suit with a variety of augmented reality adventures included in these 2016 game trends.

Virtual reality has been implemented in newfound ways as well. An example of this is 'VR Shoot,' a first-person battle experience that allows players to wander a room in search of their formidable enemies. 'Wands' uses similar technology, however it's situated online to facilitate more interactive play. Rather than fighting with guns, players battle fellow wizards with magic, casting spells on one another in an arena until a winner is declared. For those looking to do a little good while they entertain themselves, there's 'PacMan Vs. Hunger,' an adaptation of the classic arcade game that converts top scores to food and donates it to charities.

Also included in these 2016 game trends are remote control bumper cars, exercise bikes that facilitate online play and even video game diapers.To see what's coming up in 2017, take a look at our 2017 Trend Report.

From Pokémon Contact Lenses to Moral-Testing Online Games: